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Why You Should Prioritise Consistency

Do you sometimes finish a training session feeling like you haven't done enough? You may have been feeling physically fatigued, or emotionally withdrawn, and so you feel as though you have not tried your best. I have many days where I am not satisfied with my efforts, and I have to be careful not to blame myself. Though it is tough, one thing is for certain: even just giving it a go makes all the difference. Whether you can't push yourself to finish those last reps, or you leave the gym after 10 minutes, you should feel proud for just showing up. Consistent efforts, not extreme beast-mode sessions, are the key to long-term progress.

Life likes to do this funny thing where it messes up your plans. I used to be fairly strict with my workout plan; if something came up that got in the way of my training session that day, I would stress over trying to reschedule it and my other workouts. The problem was, predominantly, that I was training 6 days per week, so one hiccup would upset the next five days of training. And so, when I cut down to 4-5 times per week, it became much more manageable to shift things around. More importantly, though, I would exercise the reminder that getting a few good workouts a week was far more beneficial than every workout being sub-par. There are two sides to consistent training that I'm going to talk about:


Let's say you're feeling overwhelmed; you're trying to reach a certain goal in a certain amount of time but progress isn't happening as quickly as you want. The answer may not be to work harder. It's actually extremely likely that you just need to be a little more patient. As long as you are keeping to the foundations of muscle gain/fat loss/fat gain over a long period of time, you will definitely see change. One of those foundations is regularity; your body needs to be challenged again and again for any changes to take place, as it responds to what you do every day and week. Even if it's not heavy lifting or treadmill sprinting, a quick bodyweight workout at home is enough to keep your progress on track.


You can only go as far as your mind lets you. This is a fact that I was unaware of at the beginning, and the secret as to how some people can push their bodies so far. With practice and experience, you can master the mindset of a weightlifter, pushing yourself to new limits and boosting your performance. Again- consistency is the best way to do this; each time you pick up the weights or put on your workout clothes, you're getting more comfortable with training and learning just what your body can do. Sometimes, it takes one session of energetic, unstoppable drive, powered by pre-workout or new music, to remind yourself that you are more capable than you believe.

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