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I'm back!

You may notice that there is now a two month period of time unaccounted for on this blog: I spent this time in America with family and couldn't quite manage the self-discipline to sit myself down and write a post. For this, I apologise. Before leaving England, I had just completed a series of intense exams, so the thought of writing more essay-style pieces was quickly dismissed in my head. And, all the travelling, activities, work, and maintaining my fitness structure pushed the blog to the back of my mind. So, a week after my return to the UK, I have regained control and I am prioritising what is most important to myself and for the future.

For the next few posts, you should expect some catching up on my part. There were particular lessons I learned in America that made a great impact on my fitness journey; as this blog revolves around my journey, it seems unjust to myself to exonerate these vital teachings from this account, only for them to fade away from my memory. Therefore, the lessons, both triumphant and painful, will be immortalised in the next few posts.

In the United States, I sustained an injury, I gained muscle, lost muscle, tried new exercises, embraced a careless approach to nutrition, lost my appetite, found it and lost it again, and learned a whole lot more about myself. I'm excited to share it all with you.

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