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Be kind to yourself!

In such difficult times like this, it is vital to remain kind to yourself. Whether you find yourself under-performing in fitness, or perhaps indulging in less nutrient-dense foods, perhaps even getting out of bed is more difficult- it is okay. The world has been turned upside-down; you cannot expect yourself to be functioning the same way that you did before. These past couple of weeks, I have been struggling a little. During home workouts, I often find myself cutting sets shorter, getting distracted, and dropping my standards. But I remind myself that this behaviour is acceptable. Of course, I would prefer to kick ass in every workout, and I do give it a go when I feel well enough for it, but I don't punish myself for the mental fatigue that washes over me from time to time. I direct my focus more to the positives, like how I still did the big lifts, or how my form has improved, or that I tried a new exercise. Besides, as Sohee Lee, an expert on sports and nutrition science, outlined in her recent Instagram post, to maintain the muscle that you have been building, only minimal exercise is required. In fact, as I gathered from her article, simply stimulating the muscles frequently enough with light-moderate resistance sends the message to your body that your muscles should not be broken down.

The key message to take away is that you should be prioritising your emotional well-being. If that involves regular workouts- awesome- if it involves artwork and Netflix- also awesome. Do what would make future-you thankful.

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