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the idea of cardio repulses me a bit

(I still give it a go sometimes though)

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Hi there! My name is Megan and I have a passion for health and fitness, particularly weightlifting. In my blog, you can explore my journey- all the ups and downs that I experience along the way. 

I train at my local gym; I mostly weightlift but I also do bodyweight exercises, cardiovascular sessions, mobility and flexibility drills, and I like a long walk. Typically, I train five times per week, with sessions lasting 1-2 hours. I research a lot of what I do, for I trust science and expertise.


My philosophy surrounding fitness and nutrition is as follows: health is an entirely personal relationship between your body and your mind. Let your body and mind cooperate in harmony, and life will get a little bit easier.

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Hello, my name is Luke, and I am passionate about having a healthy lifestyle - and of course - weight training! I am currently doing 4-5 weighted workouts, and 2-3 runs a week in order to build an aesthetic physique. I hope you enjoy my posts on this blog!


Hi I'm Elizabeth and my fitness journey has only really started during lockdown. but I love science and health writing. I mainly do aerobic exercises to maintain my fitness and body and I also go on walks to clear my head. I can't wait to post new research and facts for you which I hope will make for some interesting reads!


Hi guys my name is Milly and I have been running since I was 8, and I'm now 17 so that's over half my life. I run at a national level and have to train 5-6 times a week so it's a big commitment. I love the feeling you get after a really hard workout, and even enjoy the pain during! My coaches have always stressed the importance of gym work as 'strength and conditioning' and in more recent years I have loved the gym and the strength workouts that accompany it. I normally workout by myself as I tend to be quite 'in the zone' but sometimes I work out with my twin brother. I love science, studying biology and chemistry at A-level, and normally find myself researching why certain exercises/ supplements/ nutrition etc yield a benefit. I hope to share some of my insights/ thoughts on here in the future!

Here are some of my favourite Youtube videos, created by professionals that I trust to give helpful, scientific guidance. Please note that I did not create any of this content- they are just links to others' videos. 

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